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Rotary Foundation Scholarships

District 9940 supports the following international scholarships. Applicants must be endorsed by a Rotary Club.

Information about the scholarships is advertised in the Massey University and Victoria University newsletters. The District Scholarship sub-committee will advise interested scholars of clubs they could approach for support. For more information visit the Rotary Foundation's website

Vocational Scholarships

Vocational Scholarships have replaced Ambassadorial Scholarhips.

These scholarships are funded through a Global Grant, which will involves sharing the cost between the Foundation and the District, or from a District grant. The District will normally favour the Global Grant option.

Candidates proposed field of study must fall within one of six designated prime areas of focus the Rotary Foundation has identified.

Global Grants will be for a minimum of US$30,000. District grants have no minimum of maximum limit.

Rotary Peace Fellowships

Peace and Conflict Resolution Scholarships

Two scholarship streams are availiable under the Rotary Foundation's Peace and Conflict Resolution programme. The first is a two-year Masters programme in one of seven Rotary peace centre qualified Universities. The second is a three-month short-term certificate course at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Two Year Masters Programme

Goal: Masters degree in International Studies (two years)
Covers all tuition, fees, textbooks, flights, room & board
One of 7 respected Universities in Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, or Argentina

The Rotary Foundation offers individuals committed to peace and cooperation the opportunity to pursue a two-year masters level degree in international studies, peace studies, and conflict resolution at one of the seven university based Rotary Centres for International Studies in peace and conflict resolution.

Rotary World Peace Scholars are expected to impact world peace and conflict resolution in a significant, positive fashion during their future careers as well as excelling academically in their selected programmes leading to a masters degree or certificate at the conclusion of their scholarship period. They are also required to participate in a range of Rotary activities and serve as ambassadors of goodwill wherever they go.

Three Month Certificate Programme

Goal: Certificate in International Studies
Covers all tuition, fees, textbooks, flights, room & board
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

General Eligibility

Applicants for the Rotary World Peace Scholarships must have:

  • The academic background, training, and work experience required for a masters level programme at the partner universities
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • A demonstrated commitment to peace and international understanding through their personal and community service activities and/or academic and professional achievements
  • Proficiency in at least one language other than their native tongue
  • Citizenship in a country in which there is a Rotary club

Note: Persons associated with Rotary including children and grandchildren of Rotarians are generally not eligible.

Further Information refer to the Rotary International website