Rotary District 9940

Emergency Response Kits

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Provide a ready stock of Emergency Response Kits ( previously known as Emergency Boxes) containing useful items in standard containers for use as survival kits in emergencies, within New Zealand's neighbouring South Pacific Islands.
  • Give every Rotary Club the opportunity to contribute to a worthwhile low cost International Relations project.

Emergency Response Kits cost approx $600 each. 

Cheques for payment or donations should be marked “Non Transferable”  made  out to “RNZWCS Ltd (Dist 9940 ERK)” and posted to "RNZWCS Ltd, PO Box 20 309, Christchurch 8543". Please also include your name and address details so that RNZWCS Ltd can send you a Registered Charities receipt for Income Tax rebate purposes. Alternatively donations can be made online at

View a Emergency Response Kit brochure here

The Difference Between Emergency Response Kits and ShelterBoxes




Emergency Box DonationHow the Emergency Response Kit Scheme is Organised

This NZ Rotary effort first introduced to NZ by Dist 9940 in 1983 is coordinated and led by District 9920 which of course includes many of the South Pacific Island countries the project is aimed at supporting. Overall Management of the program however rests with Rotary New Zealand World Community Service Limited.

Prepositioned stocks of ERK’s are held in readiness by Rotary Clubs in Samoa & Fiji for immediate distribution when needed with backup and replenishment stocks of ERK’s held in Auckland & Christchurch ready to be air lifted by the NZ Government through NZ AID to any disaster areas in the South Pacific Islands.

Read Dave Wilson's ERK paper from LETS 2010








ERK Conference 2010
RNZWCS Director Martin Garcia & Convenor Dave Wilson with ERK Display.

Deployment is handled through the local Rotary club(s) on the affected islands.

A total of more than 1200 ERK’s were distributed well before other aid after the 2009 Fijian Floods, Samoan Tsunami and the 2010 Cook Islands and Fiji cyclone. In January 2012 over 400 ERK’s were distributed immediately after the Fiji Floods from stocks held by local Rotarians.

The ERK project is reviewed every six months, and after each shipment a report is sent to NZAID (now the New Zealand Aid Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade).

The District 9940 Convenor:

Dave Wilson (Eastern Hutt)

For further information refer to page 123 of the 2011/12 District Directory.