Rotary District 9940

NZ - Australia Matched Student Exchange

This programme is designed to foster international understanding between Australians and New Zealanders. Although arranged by the district committee it is largely run on a family to family basis with support from clubs.

Students need to possess good knowledge, be responsible, of good character, and most importantly, be able to mix well.

The committee administers the programme of matched exchanges whereby secondary school students from our district aged between 13.5 and 16 years on January 1 exchange with Australian students. The New Zealand student lives with the family of their matched Australian student for 13 weeks attending the same school. The Australian student accompanies the New Zealand student back to their New Zealand home and school for 13 weeks.

District Committee

Convenor: Christine Omundsen
Treasurer: Murray Brhun  
Committee: Pat Smith
  John Barton
  Colin Pepperell
  Peter Shelton
  Rangi Clarkson
  John Ritchie
  Marion Patchett
  Val Bartrum

Time Line - Dates for Committee Action

31 Aug 13 Applications and club interviews for 2013/14 NZ-Australian Matched student Exchanges completed
15 Sep 13 New Zealand Matched Exchange Students return home from Australia
30 Sep 13 District interviews for 2012/13 NZ-Australian Matched student Exchanges completed
30 Nov 13 Successful NZ-Australia Matched Students notified

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